FAS Communications Council

The FAS Communications Council brings together FAS Communications team members and designated communications staff and liaisons on an ongoing basis. They meet to collaborate, share best practices and further coordinate marketing and outreach, social media, websites, content creation and other strategic work across the portfolio for both internal and external projects.

The FAS Communications Council:

  • Has formal meetings every other month with optional meetings and professional development courses on off months
  • Gives units an opportunity to hear university and FAS updates related to communications efforts
  • Shares updates about department projects and related communications efforts
  • Connects efforts for strategically planning, leveraging and amplifying one another’s work
  • Creates a forum for sharing and learning
  • Provides professional development opportunities to promote communications best practices and build communication skills

Council members are appointed by their leadership to collaborate and connect on communications efforts or are nominated by FAS Communications based on work with client units.



Accounting and Financial Management

Terance Flowers

AT&T Hotel and Conference Center

Anita Cheung

Business Services

Mary Kemp, Teresa Rodriguez, Sara Somabhatta

Campus Safety

Scott Filip, Melissa Moore

Campus Services

Eric Galloway

Commons Event Services

Jamie Hodge

Diversity and Talent Management

Nicole Holland

Human Resources

Michele Bennett, Frances Delacruz, Julia Lamberti, Nosse Ovienmhada, Samantha Baird

Parking and Transportation Services

Gloria Collins

Procurement and Payment Services

Tiffany Dockery Gibson, Nikki Cornell, Jason Arredondo

Records and Information Management Services

Mia Scroggs

University of Texas at Austin Police Department

Stephanie Jacksis, Martin Barbosa

Utilities and Energy Management

Isidora Sanchez, Katie Burrell




Ex Officio Members Laura Illanes, Raquel C Garza, Valerie Nies, Stephen Gray, Chris Longoria, Katie Steiner