Web Courses and Training

FAS Hands-on Drupal Training

The FAS Communications Web Team offers by-appointment training on Drupal CMS, the Monsido Quality Assurance Tool, and understanding your Google Datastudio Report, among others. Please email fascommweb@austin.utexas.eduto request training.

Web Courses

FAS Communications is preparing a series of classes that will focus on web readability, searchability, usability, accessibility, and web best practices which is a compilation of the four and establishes the process for a website rapid content audit. Register in UT Learn.

FAS Web Best Practices

In this class, we’ll cover the basics of the four pillars of good websites: usability, readability, searchability, and accessibility.

  • Usability – Is your site easy to use? How can you be sure? We’ll explore what your users want and how to test it. Say it with me, I am not my user.
  • Readability – Discover how to make your pages scannable and easy to read, putting vital information first.
  • Searchability – Knowing and using your (and your users!) keywords, QA tools, formatting, and linking to make search engines (and your users!) love your website.
  • Accessibility – Optimize your web pages for a wide range of abilities and devices through a simple web content management system interface, like Drupal or Wordpress.

These skills are also the basics of performing a web content audit. We’ll cover how to perform a rapid web content audit and what FAS Communications can provide to get you started. You will leave this class with practical, everyday tips for improving your website for all types of users.

FAS Writing for the Web

Did you know users don’t initially read your web page, but scan the page instead? Did you know it’s recommended to have a much lower word count than in print writing? Did you know you should be aiming for an 8th-grade reading level for general content pages? If any of this comes as a surprise, then the Writing for the Web course is for you.

This class will cover:

  • The ways users scan your website.
  • How to make your site more scannable.
  • The inverted pyramid style of writing. 
  • What users do and do not like in web writing.
  • Writing for your audience.
  • When and where to use a call to action.
  • How a well-written website reduces your workload.

You will leave this class with practical, everyday tips for editing your website (and email!) to improve the user experience, decrease your workload, and increase your website’s search engine results.

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