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Contact the FAS Communications team by emailing with assistance with using these FAS Communication tools to develop a communication plan, content strategy, stakeholder engagement plan, or social media strategy.

Communication Planning 101 Courses

FAS Communications offers four communication planning courses in UTLearn, with both instructor-led courses via Zoom or recorded, on-demand versions. Read more about Communication Planning 101.

Planning Resources


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Web Design, UX, and Content Strategy

Web Courses and Training

FAS Communications is preparing a series of classes that will focus on web Readability, Searchability, Usability, Accessibility, and Web Best Practices. Read more about FAS Web Training Courses. We also offer by-appointment training on Drupal CMS, the Monsido Quality Assurance Tool, and understanding your Google Datastudio Report, among others. Read more about FAS Web Courses and Training.

Writing in Plain Language

Review Resources and Tips for Writing in Plain Language to help you plan and prepare communications that your audience can understand the first time they read or hear them.