The UT Community Shares Their Vaccine Stories on Twitter

To help explain to others why they are getting vaccinated, FAS employees and members of the UT community have shared their vaccine stories on Twitter to help dispel rumors and encourage their peers to get vaccinated.

UT Austin Facilities Services

A remote worker for Facilities Services poses in front of the UT vaccine hub selfie wall.

UT President Jay Hartzell and Professor McLellan

President Jay Hartzell congratulates Professor McLellan on receiving the vaccine and helping contribute to the science that made the vaccine possible.

Head of Campus Safety Jimmy Johnson Does His Part to Protect Texas Together

Assistant Vice President for Campus Safety Jimmy Johnson was one of UT’s first vaccine ambassadors, posting images of himself getting vaccinated to the Campus Safety Twitter to help get the word out about continuing to take safety precautions even after you get vaccinated.

Proudly Displaying #IGotTheVax

Associate Professor Mike Boylan-Kolchin proudly displays his #IGotTheVax sticker on a campus window. Those who get vaccinated at the UT Austin vaccine hub have the opportunity to display a sticker and post to social media.

A Shout Out to #Science and Vaccine Hub Volunteers

Assistant Professor Andrew Gaudet takes a selfie on UT Campus with an #IGotTheVaX sticker while thanking the science behind the vaccine along with the workers and volunteers that made the vaccine hub possible.

You can also be a vaccine ambassador on social media and in other platforms and forums. Read our related article “Be A UT Vaccine Ambassador” for more information including a social media toolkit with suggestions for your own vaccine social posts.

Protect Texas Together brand mark
April 7, 2021