Three FAS employees receive prestigious 2022 President’s Outstanding Staff and Supervisor Awards

Each year the university honors the invaluable contributions of 30 outstanding staff members and four outstanding supervisors who have had a significant and positive impact on the university. This year, two FAS staff members were among the recipients of the Outstanding Staff Award and one staff member received an Outstanding Supervisor Award as part of the 2022 President’s Staff Awards.  The annual awards celebrate all the ways staff make the university an amazing place to live, work, and learn.

Mary Bade, Psychologist III, Office of the Associate Vice President for Human Resources—Outstanding Staff Award Winner

Mary has been a psychologist at the Employee Assistance Program for 14 years. Throughout her time at UT, she has shown her commitment to meeting the needs of our clients and the community. She has created multiple research-based presentations and groups on topics such as personal resilience, compassion fatigue, burnout prevention, coping with trauma, and support for faculty seeking tenure. The following projects were created in the past two years to address some of the complex problems she identified as most affecting our community: the Parenting Support Group, Living Solo Support Group, and Strengthening Relationship Presentation Series. Mary puts her whole self into creating innovative solutions to complicated problems and is a treasure to the university—she truly understands the mission of the EAP.

Stacey Haley, Senior Administrative Associate, Office of the Associate Vice President for Human Resources—Outstanding Staff Award Winner

Stacey is the epitome of a team player. She has always been willing, able, and very capable of assisting. For example, when the COVID pandemic hit, there were many new tasks that were necessary to provide guidance to faculty and staff. Stacey was instrumental in meeting with Enterprise Business IT Solutions (eBITS) to help develop the Occupational Health Program’s (OHP) symptom tracker for Covid-19 and was always ready to help with COVID -19 guidance. She singlehandedly made a process change that enabled a department of five able to efficiently manage all of the COVID guidance for faculty and staff at the university. She is a dedicated team player and will work collaboratively to solve problems/issues quickly. Because of her, our department operations are so much more efficient.

Ann Treffer, Emergency Communication Manager, University Police Department—Outstanding Supervisor Award Winner

Ann Treffer personifies servant leadership in her role at the University Police Department. During the winter storm of 2021, she reported to work and stayed on campus for 10 days ensuring that the campus had 24-hour coverage in the emergency communications center. Ann spent hours keeping the server equipment dry from a leak that occurred in the building. She was also able to save hundreds of thousands of dollars of equipment and preserve the continuity and integrity of the 9-1-1 system and other life safety systems. She kept everyone informed to daily changes to make sure everyone was as safe as possible and that their families were also safe. As a manager, Ann has an open-door policy that staff truly admire and really appreciate. She always encourages her staff to grow both professionally and individually.

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