Texas One Stop: A campus collaboration for student success

Thanks in part to Student Accounts Receivable, the Texas One Stop website went live late last month. The website offers students easier access to information related to registration, financial aid, tuition billing, student records and more. Texas One Stop, which has been in development for over a year, is part of the Office of Enrollment Management and represents a significant collaboration among multiple offices along with faculty and students as contributors during the development process.

“The collaboration between Student Accounts Receivable, The Office of the Registrar and the Office of Scholarships & Financial Aid to bring the Texas One Stop into existence demonstrates the university’s commitment to providing innovative customer service to students, faculty and staff,” said Hodges Mitchell II, director of Student Accounts Receivable. “Being an alumnus, it brings me great joy and pride that One Stop will have a positive impact on student retention and graduation rates.”

Before the introduction of Texas One Stop, people navigated multiple websites to access student-related information. Student Accounts Receivable, the office responsible for tuition billing, now has its tuition related content such as tuition rates and FAQs on how to pay tuition moved to the Texas One Stop website. The Office of the Registrar and Office of Scholarships & Financial Aid will also have some of its content relocated to the website. In addition, the Texas One Stop website features an “Ask Bevo” chatbot that can automatically answer general inquiries a student may have about billing and registration.

Project Management and Construction Services is managing construction of the Texas One Stop Shop, which is currently underway on the ground floor of the Main Building, where the office will be housed. Slated to be completed in the spring, the office will feature professional staff who are cross-trained in registration, student accounts and financial aid to assist students using innovative technology to track and manage interactions. It will also use a modern queuing software system to communicate with students about wait times and services.

The mission of both the Texas One Stop website and the office is to provide exceptional customer service to support students’ enrollment, persistence and graduation success.