Share FAS staff guidance posters to help slow spread of COVID-19

Accompanying the COVID-19 Guide for FAS Staff published in September are four PDF posters in English and Spanish that illustrate key points of the Guide. The posters show guidelines all FAS employees coming to work on campus are required to follow in an easy-to-understand format. The posters include:

Track Your Symptoms Every Day Before Coming to Work reminds all FAS employees who are coming to work on campus that they are required to track their symptoms daily.

How to Have a Safe Lunch Break outlines ways to avoid getting or spreading COVID-19 while eating or drinking on campus.

How to Have a Safe Meeting in Person describes how in-person meetings with others on campus should be conducted safely.

How to Ride Safely in Carts and Vehicles addresses the number of occupants allowed in various types of vehicles and carpooling requirements.

Download, print and post in common areas, or download and email to teams.

Symptom tracking represented by a partial calendar with people
Nov. 3, 2020