‘Trust and Accept’ new Wi-Fi certificate starting July 14

The university maintains several Wi-Fi networks for different purposes. The main utexas Wi-Fi network is the network all employees and students should use for university business while on university property. On July 14, employees and students will be required to ‘Trust and Accept’ a new certificate on any device that needs to access the utexas Wi-Fi channel.

William Green is the Director of Networks and Telecommunication for Informational Technology Services (ITS).

“A Wi-Fi certificate is how the Wi-Fi network proves its identity to your device,” said Green. “Certificates have expiration dates similar to an expiration date on a credit card. Trusting and accepting the new certificate is a routine thing but an important security measure.”

Once users ‘Trust and Accept’ the new certificate on or after July 14, no additional action will be needed.

“It is important to note that your device will prompt you to accept the certificate the first time you try to use your device with the utexas Wi-Fi network,” said Green.  “For those who are currently teleworking, be prepared to accept the certificate whenever you return to campus, even if that is several weeks from now.”

For more information, visit the IT@UT webpage on Wi-Fi Network Certificate Change - July 2020.

UTexas Wifi graphic
July 7, 2020