Learning & Development introduces listeners to new ideas through “Make Me Love What You Do” podcast

On June 20, 21, UT Learning & Development launched a pilot podcast, “Make Me Love What You Do,” an opportunity to hear about diverse individuals at the university and their contributions to the UT community. The first podcast featured Kate Biberdorf, Ph.D., a professor in the College of Natural Science’s Department of Chemistry known for her unique and compelling teaching style. “Make Me Love What You Do” podcasts are available at Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Director of Learning & Development Emil Kresl said that “Make Me Love What You Do” is a chance to showcase the incredible people who work at UT.

“They are the reason UT is great, and hearing their stories is going to be a wonderful experience for the whole community,” Kresl said. “The diversity of the people here and how they contribute to our mission is astounding. This is a podcast that can break down silos, introduce listeners to new ideas and demonstrate what it means to be a community.”

“Make Me Love What You Do” is also important because it illustrates that learning needs to happen all the time, Kresl explained.

“When learning is done right, it’s enriching, rewarding and fascinating,” Kresl said. “We’re hearing a lot about lifelong learning these days, which is great, but we need to make sure that we practice what we preach. One of our goals in L&D is to create a culture where every time you turn around you’re learning something new and often something unexpected—something you never would have set off to learn on your own. When we do that we are teaching people how to learn and getting them to fall in love with learning. That in turn sets them up for success when they are in more formal or traditional learning environments.” 

Kresl said that four episodes have been produced for the pilot, and one will be launched every other week (next podcast available July 12). Liberal Arts ITS (LAITS) helped produce the episodes for the pilot at no cost to L&D.

“Be sure to check our email messages to find out who our guests will be,” Kresl said. “Two of the episodes feature people from the FAS portfolio.”

Make Me Love What You Do
July 5, 2021
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