Follow guidance for meetings and events to help prevent spread of COVID-19

The COVID-19 Guide for FAS Staff, available in English (PDF) and Spanish (PDF), describes procedures for Financial and Administrative Services (FAS) employees to follow when meeting with others. First, the Guide urges employees to conduct business virtually except when an in-person meeting is absolutely necessary. If an in-person meeting is required, the Guide lists the following considerations and requirements:

  • If an in-person meeting is necessary, consider meeting outside or in an open common area rather than an office.
  • Limit essential in-person meetings to no more than 10 people, ensuring social distancing of at least feet between attendees.
  • All participants must wear a face mask.
  • If you are the meeting host, you are required to keep a log of attendees, the meeting date, and room name and number.
  •  As host you are also responsible for wiping all surfaces, tables and door handles before and after the meeting to disinfect them.
  • The complete list of requirements and guidelines is available in the Procedures section of the COVID-19 Guide for FAS Staff. Additionally, the Safe Meeting poster is available in English and Spanish (PDF) to serve as a quick reminder of key points.

The university provides guidelines for large meetings, events and other gatherings. That guidance has been updated, and you should follow the latest university guidance if you have a need for a meeting or event that involves more than 10 people. The updated guidance document, event evaluation checklist and submittal instructions are in the UT Health Behavior Guidance section on the Protect Texas Together website’s Health and Wellness page: Click on Guidance #7: Meetings, Events and Mass Gatherings.

Meetings or events that have more than 10 people and will take place in a venue without dedicated event management staff and a university-approved operating plan must be directly related and essential to supporting the education and research mission of the university. You must submit your meeting or event for review and approval by filling out the COVID-19 Event Checklist and following the submittal instructions. If your event request is approved, the Mass Gathering Review Team managed by Campus Safety will partner with you to ensure safeguards are in place.

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Nov. 12, 2020