Fire Prevention Services educates campus with fire extinguisher training

In conjunction with National Preparedness Month, Fire Prevention Services (FPS) offered a training in the use of fire extinguishers for students, faculty and staff on September 26. The training was free for the UT community. Many students are required by a lab or class to take the training, but FPS encourages everyone to take advantage of trainings such as the one held this month because they can use what they have learned anywhere at any time.

Fire extinguishers are a valuable life safety device, if you know how to use them. They are effective as a first line of defense against small, confined fires. Since fires spread quickly, the extinguisher aids in putting out small fires or containing them until first responders arrive.

The fire extinguisher training consists of three parts. The lecture portion teaches about different types of fire extinguishers for the different types of fires. It is essentially the “ABCs of fire extinguishers”.

The second portion teaches how to determine when to fight or flee from a fire. FPS advises that if you are not trained, you should evacuate and activate the fire alarm so others know to evacuate. Whether you decide to fight or flee from a fire you should always call 911. This class will walk you through making the fight or flee decision. You will also learn how to inspect fire extinguishers to ensure they are in proper working condition. 

Finally, the final training section is hands-on experience. Class is set up to meet on Speedway Plaza near Student Activity Center, and FPS sets up a fire prop where you will be able to physically put a fire out with an extinguisher.

“In many cases fire extinguishers are a first line of defense and often contain or extinguish a fire. Having training before an emergency situation helps people be prepared to overcome the instinct to panic. Training individuals to use fire extinguishers correctly ensures they will know what to do when confronted with a fire,” said Waymon Jackson, Fire Marshal and Director of Fire Prevention Services.

The Fire Extinguisher Trainings are scheduled once a month with two class sessions. The sessions are one hour long. To register for the fire extinguisher training, login to UTLearn and search for class FF 205. Self-registration is also an option for students; supervisors who manage student safety training should contact Roosevelt Easley to request the URL for the self-registration process.

A student puts out a fire while a other students look on during an annual controlled demonstration put on by Fire Prevention Services
Sept. 27, 2019