FAS publishes guidance supporting use of gender non-specific pronouns

When it comes to addressing someone by their preferred pronouns, the FAS Gender Non-Specific Pronouns webpage provides useful guidance and resources for helping others feel valued, respected and included. Among other resources, two from the university’s Gender and Sexuality Center are featured: Pronouns – A How-to-Guide (also in Spanish) and Nonbinary Pronouns in Multiple Languages.

Binta Brown, FAS director of Diversity and Talent Management, also recommends the GLSEN Pronoun Guide as a source of information about use of pronouns. Among other tips, the GLSEN Pronoun Guide suggests adding pronouns to email signatures to indicate and support inclusiveness.

The FAS Anti-Racism & Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Resources webpage supports portfolio staff members in their individual and collective efforts to promote the FAS Core Value of Diversity in the workplace. This collection of resources includes numerous videos, articles, podcasts, books and more.

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June 17, 2021