FAS Communications offers business document templates

FAS Communications has created three new templates for the portfolio to support FAS staff in preparing business documents. These business document templates include:

  • A Business Document Template, a template that provides a dynamic table of contents, section headers, and table and appendix formatting for formal documentation.
  • FAS Report Template, a basic tool for creating reports and proposals with FAS branding.
  • A UT Word Template, a high-level template developed by University Communications with university branding.

According to FAS Communications Assistant Director Kerri Battles, these templates can help users organize and convey important content.

“One of our core values in FAS is stewardship,” said Battles. “By creating our formal documentation using appropriate branding, we can be good stewards of our intellectual property while also presenting our content in a professional way with a unified look.”

FAS Communications also recognizes that not all business document needs may be addressed in these three templates, Battles said. FAS Communications Senior Graphics Designer Charlie Moore can assist departments with developing additional templates to meet business needs.

“There is a misconception that business documents have to be designed in a high-powered design tool,” Moore said. “However, templates can be designed in Microsoft Word that are clean, attractive and accessible to users who do not have access to those tools.”

These templates and other communications resources are available on the FAS Communications Resources webpage. To provide feedback or request additional business document template development, email fascomm@austin.utexas.edu.

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May 28, 2021