FAS Communications’ Charlie Moore explains the importance of graphic design done right

Senior Graphic Designer for FAS Charlie Moore talks about approaching design with strategy and professionalism in this interview with FAS Media Manager Veronica Trevino. In the interview Moore emphasizes the importance of using graphic design in ways that ensure messages are clearly received by their intended audience and reflect positively on the university. Moore provides an overview of guiding principles behind design, the university’s brand guidelines, where to find high-quality photos, and when to contact the UT Office of Brand, Trademarks and Licensing, among other design and brand pointers.

Moore has developed an Intro to the UT Brand presentation (PDF) and video, both available on the Resources for FAS Communicators webpage. Intro to the UT Brand provides links to valuable resources for anyone who designs for their FAS unit, including the university’s Brand Book and University Communications Brand Camp.

FAS Communications’ Charlie Moore designs to serve the message


Moore has served in his current role for nine years. Previously, he worked in advertising and as a freelancer. He graduated from UT with an art and advertising degree, and tells Trevino that he enjoys giving back to the university.

Charlie Moore Interview
Aug. 18, 2021