FAS celebrates service with the President’s 2021 Staff Service Awards

As part of the annual President’s Staff Awards, the university recognizes and honors the dedication of employees who have served the university for 10 or more years with its Service Awards. This year the list consists of more than 800 staff across the university, with 185 of those being FAS staff. Within the FAS portfolio, years of service range from 10 to 45. Pictured right is an infographic that breaks down the count of FAS Staff Service Award winners.

Human Resources Support Services (HRSS) Director Angie Schoolar was pleased at the number of FAS staff receiving service awards. FAS HRSS works in partnership with Human Resources to provide services to the FAS portfolio.

“It’s wonderful to see just how many FAS employees are on the list this year,” Schoolar said. “I’m so proud and inspired by each and everyone’s commitment and service to the university.”

Service Award recipients receive a lapel pin and a certificate from Human Resources.

The FAS staff member receiving the 45-year service award is Project Management and Construction Services Technical Trades Crew Leader Quinton Simms.

“I have fulfilled every goal I ever wanted, because I work at UT,” Simms said. “They gave me the opportunity to fulfill all of my goals. I also met my wife while working here. What can I say? I am happy.”

FAS celebrates these individuals who model dedication and commitment to serving the university. Their service and contributions help transform lives across the university and within our community.

2021 FAS Staff Service Award Recipients
April 21, 2021