Celebrating Winners of the 2022 FAS Core Values Awards

Congratulations to the winners of the 2022 FAS Core Values Awards! Launched in May, the awards are intended to provide FAS with a portfolio-wide, staff recognition program while the university and FAS undergo strategic planning. This year, the Core Values Awards allowed FAS employees to nominate their peers for awards across six categories: Diversity, Innovation, Integrity, Service, Stewardship, and Teamwork. Due to the overwhelming volume of high-quality nominations, FAS is awarding 131 total awards across all categories.

Visit the Core Values Awards pages for lists of winners:

David Carter Integrity Awards

Diversity Awards

Innovation Awards

Service Awards

Stewardship Awards

Teamwork Awards

Please note that all employees were notified in advance and given the opportunity to choose to be included in promotional materials.

Contact FAS Communications with questions or feedback at fascomm@austin.utexas.edu