Elliot Reymond-Christensen, TRecs team member, receives UT IT Rising Star Award

Elliot Reymond-Christensen, senior software developer/analyst with Technology Resources (TRecs), has received the 2022 Cathy Lester IT Rising Star Award because of his outstanding contributions and for quickly becoming a vital asset to his team. The award recognizes someone early in their IT career at UT who shows extraordinary promise.

“I am very honored to have been presented the Cathy Lester IT Rising Star Award,” Elliot said. “It has been such a pleasure working with great people across the UT community. This positive environment has given me the chance to grow and I appreciate all that I have learned along the way. I am glad to see that my contributions have made a positive impact on the university, and I hope that I am able to keep giving back for many years to come!”

The IT Rising Star Award is one of two awards that make up the Cathy Lester IT Excellence Memorial Awards—the other is the IT Excellence Award. Both awards are given out each year to honor the life and work of Catherine Louise Rihn Lester who, in her 27 years as an administrative information technology professional, worked tirelessly to develop systems that supported and advanced the university’s standards of excellence in education, research, and public service. Information technology employees at the university whose primary responsibilities include management or development of administrative software systems and solutions are eligible for the award.

“Elliot has become a strong and trusted voice on a team made up of great IT minds from around campus,” said Rich Janes, TRecs program director and Elliot’s supervisor.

Another nominator said that in his work on the Next Generation Platform project, Elliot displayed strong technical skills and delivered results that will make a profound impact on this project aimed at investing in and improving our IT environment.

Elliot, who started his position with TRecs in 2018, was among four people nominated for the Rising Star Award. Aleksandra Sivolob, TRecs senior software developer/analyst, was also nominated for the IT Rising Star Award.

The IT Rising Star Awards come with cash awards that are funded from the annual proceeds of a permanent endowment managed by UT’s Development Office and The University of Texas System. The endowment was established from memorial gifts donated after Catherine’s death in 2006 and has received continuing donations since its inception from fund-raising activities.

Recipients are chosen by an award committee based on nominees exhibiting Lester’s workplace qualities, including:

  • Commitment to serving the university and its goals
  • Breadth and depth of knowledge
  • Active participation in mentoring and educating others
  • Partnership with business clients to provide strategic, innovative, and effective technical solutions
  • Adherence to core principles and best practices
  • Emphasis on the quality of results