Document Solutions gains USPS full service certification, saves UT mailing costs

The United States Postal Service (USPS) recently designated Document Solution as a certified full-service mail handler.

"We had to meet specific requirements to achieve certification," said Document Solutions Director Richard Beto. "This certification means that when UT departments go through Mail Services, they pay lower postage rates, saving the university thousands of dollars."

Document Solutions Manager Steve Burdette explained that UT Mail Services guides departments through the latest ways to reduce mailing costs and ensure timely and accurate delivery. He noted that reducing mailing costs is especially important following increased postage rates set by USPS on Aug. 29, 2021.

Beto advised university customers using commercial mail vendors to be sure that the vendor is USPS certified full-service and prepares the mailings according to certification guidelines.

"Customers using commercial mail vendors will not receive lower postage rates if mailings are not prepared properly, even if a vendor is USPS certified," Beto said. “Our UT Mail Services team knows how to prepare mailings correctly for postage cost savings.”

For questions about mailing needs and postage, contact Burdette at

Full Service Mail
Designated USPS certified full-service, UT Mail Services can offer reduced mailing costs to campus.
Sept. 20, 2021