Continuing Flexible Work Arrangements (FWAs)

Dear Colleagues,

Flexible Work Arrangements (FWAs) predate the COVID-19 pandemic and have long been a powerful business strategy that promotes worker retention, morale, and productivity. A year has now passed since the university launched a pilot year to evaluate flexible work arrangements. Within FAS, remote and hybrid work has been successful, and should continue for staff who can effectively perform work remotely. Flexible work arrangements are a powerful business tool that should be leveraged whenever possible.

As such, each unit within FAS is responsible for determining the viability of flexible work, and leadership and supervisors are to work directly with employees on evaluating and updating flexible work on an ongoing basis as a permanent talent management tool. Supervisors and managers should determine if there is a strong business justification for on-site work. Remote and hybrid work should be the default and not the exception for those who can perform their duties remotely.

All employees who engage in flexible work must submit a Flexible Work Arrangement Form via FAS Human Resources Support Services (FAS HRSS). There are two ways employees can complete this:

  1. Submit an FWA request through the FAS HRSS Portal.  Once the request is filled out and submitted, it will automatically route for approvals and to FAS HRSS for upload into Workday.
  2. Fill out a Flexible Work Arrangement Form and either the Flexible Work Arrangement for Telework or Flexible Work Arrangement for Non-Telework, as appropriate for their situation. Submit one pdf of completed and approved forms via Box upload. FAS HRSS will then upload the pdf into Workday.

FWAs should be reviewed at minimum once per year and always during the performance appraisal process. Employees and managers should always be aware of the status of FWAs and should maintain open dialogue around the effectiveness of the FWA. If FWAs were already completed and submitted over this last year, and there have been no changes, there is no need to resubmit a new FWA.

Employees and managers can find flexible work resources and related forms and tools on the FAS HRSS website. Additionally, FAS HRSS staff are happy to assist with your questions through the FAS HRSS Portal, where you can also request a video or in-person appointment.


Angie Schoolar 
Director of FAS Human Resources Support Services