Emergency Guide contributes to effective preparedness system

The Office of Emergency Preparedness is rolling out an Emergency Guide that staff members are posting in every classroom before the start of the fall semester. This one-page flyer contains brief, easily understood emergency information and instructions regarding what to do during incidents such as severe or inclement weather, building evacuations and lock down situations. Each guide also includes information specific to the classroom in which it is posted, including evacuation route, building name and address, and room number. If anyone in the room needs to call 9-1-1, that person will know the exact location to provide.

“The guide focuses on the key actions we want occupants to take and key terminology that helps explain what we want them to do during an incident,” explained Jonathan Robb, director of the Office of Emergency Preparedness. Because students frequently change classrooms, Robb said it was important to provide location information specific to each room along with a reminder to occupants to reach out to 9-1-1 with those details, enabling the UT Police Department to respond quickly to either a call or text.

Robb and his team of emergency preparedness coordinators, Robin Richards and Brian Matthews contacted the Office of the Registrar for a list of all classrooms and began the process of posting a guide in each one.

Emergency Preparedness is also providing a template of this guide for building managers to access and post in other areas of their buildings such as hallways and offices.

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July 31, 2019