FAS departments introduce new students/families to campus safety as part of New Student Orientation

Campus Safety, UTPD, the ITS ID Center, and Parking and Transportation work together to help introduce new students to campus safety best practices as part of New Student Orientation and Family Orientation.

Orientations run throughout the summer for incoming freshmen, transfer students and their families, and for many students this is their first opportunity to spend time on campus and learn about campus safety.

This year, Campus Safety and UTPD have teamed up to provide safety presentations to students and their families covering everything from “Your ID is Your Key,” to who to call if students see an animal in distress, to what to do in the event of a campus emergency.

“This year’s combined safety presentation is a practical example of the teamwork that UTPD and the Campus Safety office engage in on a daily basis to keep campus safe and to educate the entire campus community on what they can do to increase their own personal safety,” said Melissa Moore of Campus Safety.

In addition to the safety presentation, students also get their official university ID cards as part of orientation, which serve as their key to buildings after hours. Students are encouraged to keep their keys with them at all times to access “Celebrated Entrances,” which are the designated access points for buildings after normal hours.

Students also learn about the SureWalk program and UT NightRide program, which provide students with safe ways to walk home or get rides after hours from campus. Both are administered by Parking and Transportation.

Orientation ID
June 20, 2019