Stewardship Awards

The Stewardship Awards honor employees who exemplify our Stewardship core value: We are exceptional caretakers of the resources entrusted to FAS.

Tim Bishop, Senior Software Engineer, Enterprise Business IT Solutions (eBITS)

"This individual is constantly working to make things better—and to leave things better than they found them. Whether it’s dramatically improving code functionality instead of just adding a band-aid fix; investing the effort to implement a solid and maintainable design in the first place; devoting limited time and energy to improving training materials, and by extension the experience of our junior developers; eagerly sharing knowledge with others to improve the team’s overall ability to best care for university resources; or simply exercising good judgment in balancing their own numerous responsibilities—this individual goes above and beyond to ensure that we produce quality work, in a thoughtful way, that actively improves the resources with which we have been entrusted. In all these ways, this individual exemplifies the core value of Stewardship; or taking exceptional care of the resources entrusted to FAS."

Jim Carse, Manager, Landscape Services

"Not only does the nominee go above and beyond in his work, he also continually supports others' stewardship efforts—especially students. When a student wanted to develop a program to clean up litter from Waller Creek on a more regular basis, the nominee worked with the student and Environmental Health and Safety on developing a logistics plan. The Waller Creek Clean-up program has continued for 4 years and is now led by the nominee's own interns . . . . These stewardship-focused experiences are often the highlight of these students’ college careers—and in many cases they wouldn't have been possible without the support of the nominee."

Jeff Kick, Project Manager, Planning and Design

"Jeff’s value to the organization is extremely significant. Through the Stewardship core value, Jeff has shown that he has the ability to influence many processes and procedures across the FAS portfolio and beyond by strategizing and implementing small changes that have a significant impact. His efforts have also positively impacted the Provost’s office and their use of resources through everything he has touched. His attention to detail and his ability to work under strict deadlines and difficult situations touches on many core values, but Stewardship is an area that Jeff has shown a high level of impact for the UT campus. Jeff is a valuable team player always striving for an opportunity to enhance UT’s resources."

Oscar Newman, Recruiter, Facilities Services

"Oscar is committed to attracting and hiring new employees to ensure the department can fulfill its mission and core purpose. He knows and is honored that he’s been entrusted to provide one of the university’s most valuable resources, our employees. Oscar has made a difference by reducing the BAIIs openings by 22% from October through April. As he puts processes in place, removes additional barriers, and grows FS’s presence in the community, there is no doubt the openings will continue to decline."

Diana Yu Schofield, Senior Technical Business Analyst, eBITS

"Stewardship to me means that a person maintains their area and leaves it better than they found it. This person has jumped into a variety of projects over the past year and was critical in both the success of new initiatives as well as improvements to existing systems. They care about the data integrity of our systems and thoroughly test solutions. Several times, they have had to quickly pivot to support a critical, unforeseen project and they are always willing to help. Additionally, they have been steadily making improvements to an existing process, which make the system more accurate and easier to support . . . . I am choosing to nominate this person because they have been quietly working behind the scenes for years providing excellent support for each system they touch."

Elista Street, Records and Information Specialist, Records and Information Management Services (RIMS)

"Elista is an excellent example of someone who is living and breathing stewardship but in a way that may not be visible to other members of our portfolio and would help people understand how multi-dimensional stewardship can be. The work that Elista does may not be easily measured. There are no inherit cost savings associated with good record keeping. It is one of those things that people don't think about until it goes wrong. No one gets rewarded for keeping records that then no one ever ends up needing but since that can't be predicted, everyone has to participate in good record keeping. I think that that brand of stewardship is actually a more difficult brand of stewardship and deserves acknowledgement."

Amy Wolfgang, Administrative Associate, Human Resources

"They have demonstrated the FAS value of stewardship by tackling a large and seemingly unsurmountable project of records retention for HR. The amount of data and resources that HR is responsible for—from confidential FMLA paperwork to verifications of employment to state service records to benefits paperwork is extensive . . . . They have taken us to the next level of being compliant with our records and shown great care in protecting, storing, and then disposing of our records as appropriate showing great stewardship of the resources we are responsible for."

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