Service Awards

The Service Awards honor employees who exemplify our Service core value: We are customer service oriented and offer responsive, reliable and seamless support.

Akram Abderrahmani, EMO Power Systems Electrical Manager, Utilities and Energy Management (UEM)

"His dedication to UEM and its success is unmatched by any I've seen during my time here. I have witnessed Mr. Abderrahmani work through the night multiple times to help us trouble shoot a turbine trip, just to come in the next day and work a full shift. He really cares about the success of the power plant and does whatever he can to help any department in need….I am very grateful for all the times he has helped me with my department needs. He truly doesn't look at his department as his only responsibility, as I said before he takes responsibility for the success of UEM as a whole."

David Chambers, Sergeant, UT Police Department

"Sergeant Chambers service to the UT community started before becoming a police officer with UT Police. He originally worked with the Dean of Students before pursuing law enforcement. He currently serves as the LGBTQIA+ Liaison for the University of Texas Police Department. He is a highly sought-after instructor for the Mental Health Officer (MHO) Course and Crisis Intervention Training (CIT) and because of his expertise he was asked to train troopers with the Department of Public Safety this last year. He is a member of the UTPD Crisis Negotiation Team as well as the sergeant for the University Crisis Intervention Team (UCIT), which co-responds to calls with a mental health nexus with members from MHART (Mental Health Assistance and Response Team)."

Kimberly Craig, Senior Occupational Health Nurse, Human Resources

"Kimberly Craig is the epitome of service and integrity so I was not surprised to see how she responded to the COVID-19 health crisis. She didn’t hesitate to shift focus and give service with everything she had in order to take care of our employees and shepherd them through the ups, downs, and confusion throughout and until this day. Kimberly adapted immediately to the crisis and ongoing changes that required thinking and working outside of the box. At times, she was literally working day, night, and weekends providing guidance, contact tracing, and releases to return to work. She set up a new system, managed an office, responded to employees and managers, and communicated clearly with other departments to keep the university safe. When the vaccines were introduced, OHP under Kimberly’s leadership, shifted to giving appropriate guidance regarding vaccines."

Sarah Darr, Human Resource Coordinator, FAS HR Support Services

"I am constantly raving about the amazing support we get from HR and that’s because of this nominee! She provides outstanding support—she doesn’t just do the basics, but she works to make my interactions with HR streamlined and easy. I am so grateful to know that if I have an HR question, she will help me find the answer. Whether it is in her purview or not, the nominee is always willing to help me track down the solution. This is what exemplary service is all about! A willingness to help the customer even if the inquiry falls outside her realm of work. The nominee’s dedication to service has made my job easier and I am so thankful for her!"

Scott Mueller, Principal Software Developer Analyst, Enterprise Business IT Solutions (eBITS)

"Scott exemplifies a patient, humble, and caring dedication to our systems that is truly impressive. For 22 years across various IT shops, he has learned, monitored, built, enhanced, and improved our processes. He also cares for his team, and he has taught, mentored, and encouraged a great many upcoming developers, ensuring that they have good investigative practices, good testing habits, and good communication and documentation. He works tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure success, and every one of us as benefited directly and indirectly from his dedication."

Brandie Patschke, Locksmith, Lock & Key Services

"She goes above and beyond to make sure every client is treated with respect. Where she is able define herself as one that is excellent in customer service is when she reaches out before going out on a job, explains the process while at the job, and follows up with the client after the work has been completed. I have hundreds of e-mails that I am copied on where someone is thanking her directly for what she has done. All that praise for someone shows that she has both pride and confidence in her work and for the university. She is very skilled in her trade and takes the time to share that knowledge and train those in her crew when it is needed. In her 2 years at the university she has built many relationships with other shops to where they call and ask for her by name when trouble shooting a security or service issue. By building this network and trust with other service trades she is able to seek guidance herself when needing assistance in order to complete a task for a client. Yet she is willing to identify when the work is needed to be completed by another trade and makes sure that she connects them with the client in order to expedite the needed service for the client."

Taylor Sherry, Administrative Associate, Payroll Services

"He has updated processes to make it easier for users and administrative staff to manage and respond to requests through the W-9 request process and the return check workflow. The updated processes have allowed that department to remove some of their administrative burden and continue to function and take on new tasks even with unfilled positions. After being folded into Payroll from Accounting, he has learned new job duties and taken on even more responsibility over the last two years, as well as being the front line over Covid. During 2020 he was in the office almost every day supporting the department and the university."

Monica Adame Solorzano, Desktop Support Specialist, Technology Resources (TRecs)

"This nominee has provided exemplary service to a diverse group of folks throughout the pandemic helping us all telework by keeping our technology working while working on campus themselves. Some of the folks who relied on this person's technical expertise and excellent customer service also run some of the major processes for campus, work on emergencies and crisis, and need access to technology to generally keeping the university running. By keeping us up and working, this nominee has actually served the entire university and beyond as many of our jobs just simply can't be done without a functional computer. To me, this level of service is the most important type of service, the type that is not apparent to others but incredibly crucial to all of our work."

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