Diversity Awards

The Diversity Awards honor employees who exemplify our Diversity core value: We believe the best ideas are born from sharing viewpoints, opinions, and perceptions from colleagues with varied backgrounds and experiences.

Robin Camp, Project Manager, Project Management and Construction Services

"Robin Camp is an experienced project manager who provides excellent customer service by listening to her clients and taking the time to understand their unique needs and goals. She particularly enjoys working on projects that celebrate and further the university's progress toward inclusivity . . . . Design and construction tend to focus on outcomes. Robin understands that the process is just as important. To complete a project that celebrates diversity and inclusion, you must hire a design team with the experience and values you want reflected in the final product and you must make sure that all the stakeholders are heard."

Haeli Colina, Senior Software Developer/Analyst, Enterprise Business IT Solutions (eBITS)

"This individual exemplifies the core value of Diversity in a myriad ways, large and small. From the obvious, such as their dedicated participation in activities and committees that foster Diversity within our team and beyond, to much more subtle examples, this individual is truly a living exemplar of this value. One thing that particularly stands out to me about this individual with regard to Diversity is the exceptional way that they are able to educate others in meaningful practices that foster Diversity on the team, with a complete lack of the implicit judgment that often seems to accompany such instruction. It could not be more apparent that this individual’s goals are truly to help people come together, to support each individual in their learning journey where they are, and to foster a greater sense of community within and across the portfolio and the university as a whole."

Rainbow Di Benedetto, Director, D2I (for previous work in FAS)

"Rainbow served the university in a previous position in the Information Technology area, where her technical acumen was highly respected. She also served on the UT Staff Council and was its chairperson in 2020–21. She leveraged her Staff Council position to encourage diversity, pay and hiring equity, and inclusiveness for UT staff. . . . She advocated for such things as strengthening the staff portion of the campus Diversity and Inclusion Access Plan, addressing staff concerns on topics such as COVID protections and vaccine access, and working with the UTSC Diversity Committee and HR to draft a staff Hiring Toolkit with resources to attract a wider array of candidates and reduce bias in the hiring process."

Isidora Sanchez, Strategic Support Manager, Utilities & Energy Management (UEM)

"I have been at UT for many years and this nominee has always demonstrated and lived the Diversity core value in a way that is natural, warm, and inviting. This nominee has always been open and welcoming to the ideas of others and works that into their work as much as possible in my observations. I think most importantly, this person has never been defensive or passive aggressive, which makes establishing dialogue that much easier. I believe people like this nominee who live this core value in a way that is so authentic deserve to be acknowledged but also by virtue of that acknowledgement can serve as an example to others to generate creative thinking around how each of us can promote the diversity core value in our own way."

Special Category! Teamwork in Diversity

The following Diversity Award winners were nominated together for their work on the project "Diversifying Recruiting Outcomes in ITS (Information Technology Services)".

Katelyn Christiansen, IT Project Coordinator, ITS

Connie Lobb, Administrative Services Officer, ITS

Melinda Robillard, Senior Human Resources Coordinator, ITS

Kate Russell, Project Manager, ITS

"As advocates for equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI), the Strategic Initiatives and Financial and Business Services groups are always finding ways to include these lenses in the work they do. With the latest project—Diversifying Recruiting Outcomes in ITS (Information Technology Services)—they specifically incorporated EDI best practices when assisting in hiring efforts for ITS. They created a set of best practices and checklist documents for ITS hiring managers to use when recruiting and hiring candidates. They also created boilerplate language regarding diversity and inclusion that is now added to every job posting completed by the Financial and Business Services group. By combining their work across the two teams they enacted meaningful change for the entire 300-person department."

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