David Carter Integrity Awards

Named after our former Chief of Police, the David Carter Integrity Award will allow FAS for years to come to honor the legacy of a member of our leadership who exemplified our Integrity core value: We perform our work in a transparent, honest, and accountable manner. We also commit to meeting all compliance and reporting standards.

Nena Anderson, Associate Director, Environmental Health and Safety

"This staff member works tirelessly each and every day to ensure UT is a safe place to work, teach, and learn. Not only do they enforce rules and regulations designed to protect members of the campus community, they are also committed to protecting the campus’ natural environment. They are an honest and respectful communicator and are always willing to explain the rules and regulations they are enforcing. They are never too busy to answer questions or meet with those who are interested in how campus laboratories or construction projects are regulated. They also see the value of involving students in campus operations so students can have first-hand knowledge and experience in creating a safe and healthy campus environment for us all."

Allie Dominguez, Work Control Specialist, Lock & Key Services

"Everything we do within this department is based on trustworthy individuals that help maintain the security of our faculty, staff, students, and all of the building's assets . . . . In under 16 months, she updated, scanned, and uploaded over a thousand security documents . . . . She alone processed over 500,000 lines of data into spreadsheets to send out to CSUs for verification and is in the process of assisting TRecs  (Technology Resources) with processing that data."

Blanca Gamez, Associate Director, Parking and Transportation Services

"This nominee should be a winner of this core value because I believe that their dedication to integrity would be instructive to others. There are many folks who would not want to be put under the microscope, but this nominee seems to welcome the scrutiny and understands that all questions, even really hard questions, are opportunities for relationship building, for establishing trust, and for education. I think that by virtue of winning this award, this nominee would help spread the purpose and intent of our integrity core value to others."

Eric Hammack, Assistant Director, Campus Real Estate Office

"Integrity is almost one of those self-defining words. That is, if you hear that someone has ‘integrity’, you can immediately identify those traits, without them being described. Eric exemplifies integrity. Our office has a large workload and a small staff. To respond to and complete the volume of projects we manage (approximately 50 each year), one must have a steady demeanor, be extremely organized, and foster strong collaboration. In each of these transactions that Eric works on, he is a trusted partner and not only has the best interests of the university at the center of his decision making, but he ensures to uphold our ethic and integrity as the flagship university in all of our real estate endeavors."

Lysette Ibarra, Senior Administrative Associate, Payroll Services

"Lysette exemplifies the core value of Integrity by taking full responsibility for her work and completing tasks with transparency, honesty, and accountability. She seeks to follow all operating standards in everything she completes and does not hesitate to ask questions if there is any doubt. Lysette can be trusted to do her work independently and in a manner that upholds departmental and university standards, and she encourages this behavior in others. She is a role model to her colleagues and student workers, who look up to her and follow her example."

Chrystal Riley, Senior HR Quality Assurance Coordinator, FAS HR Support Services

"This individual takes her role as an HR Executive approver very seriously and holds herself personally accountable for making sure that every detail in all FAS business process documents are correct and compliant per FAS and UT policies, and that all have the applicable approvals in place before moving business processes forward to completion in Workday prior to payroll deadlines . . . . It is just another way she exemplifies transparency, honesty, and accountability for our FAS portfolio."

Mark Smyth, Work Control Specialist, Facilities Services

"Mark's willingness to support his team, the division, and the university community is commendable. He never hesitates to step up to the plate when asked to work additional hours, and he readily makes himself available when his peers and team reach out to him with questions and when asking for assistance. His knowledge of the campus and the university as a whole and his constant ability to create new and innovative ways to address and take on challenges and issues make Mark an excellent candidate for this award."

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